Hello There,

I'm a UX + Interaction Designer, video production fanatic, and glasses wearing enthusiast.

Location: Vancouver, BC

Status: Interning @Nokia

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UX Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design

For an interaction design school project, graphic and digital asset were created for a cultural events organization and developed through form investigations of key design principles.

An image a set of graphic assets for the Ventura Future project
An image of the landing page for the Ventura Future microsite
UX Design, Interaction Design, Front End Dev

For a web design and development school project, a brand identity and art direction was created for the building of an ecommerce site. Designed and coded from scratch.

An image of the landing page for the Dipp'd Donuts Website
UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design

For an interface design school project, a new Twitch feature was implemented following brand and user research to help extend the user's app experience.

An image of the twitch features cover photo with a mockup